What Others Say About Us

It is our pleasure to share a few acknowledgments of our professionalism, safety, and quality of workmanship in our community.

“As a resident of Queen Anne, on Tenth Avenue West, Thanks!! The curbs and streets are great – no more pot holes etc. A job well done by your crews, whom have been great, very pleasant and informational.” – Patty Bergstrom

“We at Highline really appreciated your team effort on this project. It makes me proud that the contractor and engineer can get along after slogging through this….which as you and I know unfortunately is all too often NOT the case. Thanks again for the job well done. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your staff again in the future!” –Tom Keown, Highline Water District

“It is not often that I take time to commend a construction company for their performance, but in this circumstance your company and your crew’s performance merit the time to bring this to your attention.” – Dann Sheffield, Dann D. Sheffield & Associates

"Just wanted to say “great job”. That job and the Ravenna repaving are huge safety and drivability improvements to the neighborhood.” - Stanly Ryter, PE PM, KPFF consulting Engineers

“As an architect who has often overseen construction administration, and as a taxpayer, I am pleased to say that your crew was neat, efficient and very hard working.” - Amy Cockburn, Seattle

“Congratulations on your well-deserved Washington Chapter APWA Project of the Year Awards!!!!” - Stephen Misiurak, City Engineer of Gig Harbor, 2014

“Your firm is to be particularly compliments on your timely mobilization and completion of the work, and on the care that management and on-site personnel took to ensure that the in-stream habitat was done correctly and in compliance with the Hydraulic Approval permit and other environmental permits.” – Larry Gibbons, PE Manager, King County Wastewater Treatment Division

We appreciate your efforts to complete the job as designed and in a timely manner. Your professionalism and quality of workmanship were evident throughout construction and added significantly to the overall success of the project." – Harold Smelt, PE, Capital Improvements, Pierce County

"Speaking on behalf of Weyerhaeuser, I can tell you that our first concern is always safety. Your crews worked in sometimes very difficult situations on this project, and yet nobody got hurt. This will not go unnoticed by my company when we are looking for a construction company to do work on our projects in the future.” – Robert Martin, Weyerhaeuser

"First off – for a job well done on the 4th Avenue Project – big accomplishments in the safety and schedule area- made possible through your support of the teaming concept.” – Chuck Hinson, VP, Seattle CM/PM Office Manager URS

“Your commitment to incorporate our local women and minority businesses in your JOC contract has helped many small local companies become more competitive and skilled at doing our public work.“ -Mr. Mike McGinn Mayor of Seattle

“It’s about time corporations got credit for the good works and blessings that they do and provide in our communities and for the people they employ and for keeping our economy being for which they receive little or no credit. Keep up the good work.” - Pete Tenerelli, City of Kent

“Your firm has been recognized as achieving a superior rating on the Prime Contractors Performance Report for Contract No. 5256. As the State Construction Engineer for WSDOT, I occasionally have to write contractors regarding their below average standard performance, so it is refreshing to congratulate those that perform their job well.“ – Rudy Malfabon, State Construction Engineer, WSDOT