A Few Featured Projects

Over the past 29 years, MidMountain Contractors, Inc. has participated in over $1.2 billion of heavy-civil construction across and wide-range of project types. We are proud of these efforts and to showcase the following Featured Projects:


PORT OF SEATTLE: North Satellite Modernization (NSAT)

The expansion and renovation of the 45-year old north satellite will include adding eight (8) new airline gates with a 240-foot extension of the building to the west. It will also add an upper level mezzanine, more than double the existing dining and retail square footage, and introduce a rooftop Alaska Airlines lounge with view of the Olympic Mountains. Acting as a major subcontractor, elements of work performed by MidMountain include demolition, utilities, earthwork, building construction, and apron paving. Photo credit: Port of Seattle/AECOM

SOUND TRANSIT: East Link Extension E-130

The largest of 6 major segments of the East Link Extension; the 6.9 mile E130 segment crosses Lake Washington and Mercer Island along the I-90 freeway corridor connecting the International District in Seattle to South Bellevue. Acting as a major subcontractor, elements of work performed by MidMountain include demolition, utilities, drainage, electrical infrastructure, earthwork, landscape, and roadway modifications.

CITY OF SEATTLE: Elliott Bay Seawall Replacement Project, Seattle, WA

Originally built between 1916 and 1934, replacement of the deteriorated seawall is necessary to provide an earthquake-resistant wall system capable of supporting extensive underground utility and right-of-way improvements along the Seattle waterfront. Specific elements of work performed by MidMountain include demolition of the existing seawall, excavation and grading, removal of contaminated soils, extensive buried-utility replacement, and roadway improvements.

Boeing Composite Wing Center in Everett, WA

The location for the Boeing Composite Wing Center is shown during a phase of early construction. At 1.3 million square-feet, the building can accommodate 25 football fields, and will support wing fabrication for the 777X program. Requiring more than 530,000 cubic yards of fill material, site development required access to a significant labor, equipment, and subcontracting resource pool. At its peak, MidMountain employed more than 200 workers at the project site.